Are you a Property Owner?

Get more interest in your place by listing on Month-to-Month. This website is specifically made to find places that allow monthly rental options. All amenities and features of your property can be added and changed at any time.

Claim Your Place

When you claim your listing you can make changes at any time. Change the prices, property features, or descriptions whenever you want.

Claiming your place will give your listing more interest. Once a listing is claimed a checkbox will appear showing that you claimed the listing. When users come to the site they will know you property has the most up to date information and will be more likely to book your place.

Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page? With Month to Month you can link your Facebook page to your place. User’s will be able to see your last Facebook post and how many likes your page has received. Users can even message you directly through the Facebook page. This is a great way to keep in touch with your potential users.

Listing Stats

Do you want to see how many users are viewing your property listing? See the data and stats on the traffic and make improvements.

Bookings (Beta)

Would you like to have users book through the Month to Month website?

Studies have shown that the harder it is to checkout and book a place the less likely the user is to complete the process. We have worked hard to create a booking process that is quick and simple to use, making sure you never lose another booking.
We have set up a very simple process for booking through the Month to Month website. Users can easily book directly through your listing and we have many features to customize the booking process for your needs.

    • Seasonal Rates
    • Coupons
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Credit Card/Paypal Payments
    • And more…

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