Here are some places in Chiang Mai where you can get some work done while enjoying a delicious breakfast. These places are in no particular order.

Ombra Coffee


This coffee shop has a retro vibe that’s cozy and perfect for productivity. Every detail has been thought of with a modern environment, friendly staff, and quality coffee. The breakfast is delicious and beautiful with assorted fruit & muesli, a warm croissant, juice, coffee/tea, and some assorted extra treat. When you order coffee they bring out a decadent piece of chocolate to enjoy afterwards. This place is very comfortable and you will surely enjoy working here.

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Ab’ Petite


Ab’ Petit opens at 11 but it is well worth the wait. Everything from the food to the atmosphere is fresh and inviting. This place has lots of natural light, open space, power outlets, and a really amazing green tea latte. Their menu is mostly lunch and dinner options but they do have an egg sandwich that is delicious.

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Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden


When you arrive at Clay Studio Coffee you will feel like you are entering a new world. The outdoor seating area looks like a tropical ancient oasis with clay sculptures circling the edges of the walls. Most of the seating is outside in the courtyard and you can order a variety of breakfast options. The muesli is a great option with a variety of fruits and oats.

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Point Cafe


This quiet cafe is a perfect spot away from the hustle and bustle of Nimman. Everyone is very friendly and the cafe is modern with lots of natural light and a open atmosphere. They have many delicious menu options for lunch and dinner or you can order the American breakfast which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and coffee.

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Fahtara Coffee


This cafe is in old city and just up the street from the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage Centre. A suggestion for a perfect day of work. Sign up for a Thai Massage at the Women’s Prison in the morning and you will get put on the waiting list with a set time to come back. Go have breakfast and do some work at Fahtara Coffee while you wait for your time to come back.  You will have a great day of productivity and relaxation.

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Healthy B Cafe


Conveniently located in Nimman, Healthy B has everything you need to get to work. Delicious and healthy breakfast options, a large working area with power outlets, and good wifi.

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Tom N Tom’s Coffee


It’s 3am in the morning and you can’t fall asleep. Where do you go? Tom N Tom’s is the perfect place. Open 24 hours a day with two floors for seating, and a variety of menu options from desserts to breakfast choices. You can get an American breakfast with a heavy mug of coffee that will make you feel like you are back at home at a Waffle House.

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SS1254372 Cafe


Half art studio, half cafe, and completely delicious. You will find unique and beautiful brunch dishes that come out to your table looking like works of art. They are as delicious as they are nice to look at. This cafe has both outdoor and indoor seating and when if need to take a break you can go next door to the art gallery where they have new art on display and some interesting sculptures to look at.

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Food 4 Thought


Food 4 Thought is an organic restaurant that focuses on delicious and well prepared dishes that are free of additives. The owner is passionate about delicious food and the outdoor atmosphere is inviting with plenty of seating, outlets, and wifi.

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Artisan Coffee


Down a little Soi in Santiham sits Artisan Coffee. It’s a charming and inviting little shop where you can sit and relax for awhile.  Walking in from the hot sun to the cool atmosphere is really pleasant and comfortable. They mostly serve coffee but have a delicious waffle breakfast you can order.

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Overstand Coffee & Breakfast


Highspeed wifi, delicious egg sandwiches, and a really friendly staff. This is the place to get a tasty breakfast and fast wifi if you’re near Thae Pae Gate.

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Tiger Ted Cafe


Just to the corner of Maya mall is Tiger Ted Cafe. Enjoy a great breakfast away from the hustle and bustle of the mall.

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Nine One Coffee

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