Santitham doesn’t get as much press as other areas in Chiang Mai like Nimman and Tha Phae Gate but that might be what makes it so nice. Santitham is a little less touristy and little more low key then other areas with more affordable prices and some of the best northern thai food and coffee in Chiang Mai.

Here is map that shows some popular places to shop, eat, coffee, etc…

If you do consider living in Santitham you will most likely need to rent a scooter or a bicycle. Santitham is more spread out than Nimman and walking to cafes and restaurants is going to get a little exhausting. There are also not very many sidewalks in Santitham so you will have to watch out for motorbikes while walking.

Mango Bikes is situated in Santitham and highly rated for quality service and bikes.

Santitham has an area just off of the main street (Huaw Kaew Road)  that has a lot of travelers and expats. This area has some excellent coffee shops, western restaurants, and bars to hang out in. Finding a place near this area would be ideal.



Rated the number one place for Khao Soy in Chiang Mai.


Corner Bistro serves delicious western food and burgers.


One of the many 7-11’s in the Santitham area.



Santitham center round a bout.


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