Making new friends while traveling might be best and worst part of your journey. Discovering a new city and making memorable experiences is so much fun with good companions along for the journey. Finding friends though can be a little challenging, especially if you are shy or new to the solo travel world. Here are some places to help you make new friends fast.


Facebook Events
Facebook Events has a variety of ways to connect in a city. Once you arrive in a city go to the events page to see what local events are happening nearby.

facebook event

Facebook Groups
Join some facebook groups. There are also a variety of groups related to a particular interest. Search with keywords like nomad, expat, or backpacker to find more general groups.

To Find Local Groups on Facebook:

  1. Search for a city or keyword of interest in the Facebook search on the top
  2. Filter by ‘Groups’ in the top tab


This might be the easiest way to connect with other travelers during your journey. You could be thinking though that hostels are more suited for the young partying crowd, but that’s not always the case. You aren’t required to have a backpack to stay at a hostel and you can usually find travelers of all ages and interest. Many hostels offer private rooms and bathrooms, coworking spaces, and amenities that will make your stay feel more like a nice hotel than a dormitory. Book hostels for one night to see if you like it, there are hostels to suit every budget.

Hostel World – Find local hostels

Hostels Worldwide Online Hostel Bookings Ratings and Reviews

Nomadic Matt made a list of tips to find a good hostel –

Maybe you prefer a nice hotel vs. a hostel? That works too. Stay at a hotel and get drinks at the hostel bar instead or join in on a pub crawl.


Head over to and search by city. They have a variety of groups and events for every interest.

Find your people Meetup

Day Tours/Group Activities

Find a local tour place and sign up for a day activity or tour. They will know some popular options for like minded people.

bicycle tour

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces usually host community events and it’s easy to connect with others while getting some work done.

Coworker – Find coworking spaces here Find Review Coworking Spaces

Find coworking desks offered in business locations –

Find coworking desk in private homes and venues – 

Coffee Places

Along the same line of coworking spaces you can usually spot other travelers working at local coffee places. This might not be the easiest place to connect as everyone usually has work to do but it happens.

Work From – Find coworking places and public places that are wifi friendly here

Workfrom — Best Places to Work Remotely in a City

Coliving Places

Coliving places are houses that offer a private or shared bedroom and a place to work. You live and work in the same place with a group people for set amount of time. Here are a few websites to find coliving places.

Coliving – Find coliving houses

Coliving Live work play with like minded.

Krash – A coliving community

Startup Retreats – Coliving Retreats for work vacations

Reddit Communities

The city you are staying in might have a reddit community. You can ask questions and network in the city channel.

Reddit –

Nomad List

Nomad list is an active and growing community of nomads with a forum and private slack group. A friendly group of expert travelers that will help you get situated fast.
Nomad List –

Nomad List — Best Cities to Live and Work Remotely for Digital Nomads


Slack Groups for Travel

Slack is quickly emerging as a way to connect with others with similar interest. You can find some slack groups here that are geared towards traveling. Many coworking spaces you join have private slack groups too.

Slacklist – A curated list of Slack groups

Couch Surfing & AirBnB

When you stay at someone’s house they can be your host for a new city. They might know the best place to have a beer or places to find some good local food.

Couch Surfing – Offers hangouts that allow you to easily find nearby Couchsurfers, and make plans to meet up.

Stay with Locals and Make Travel Friends Couchsurfing

AirBnb – Rent out private homes, rooms, or spaces

Find host with positive reviews to get the best experience.

Travelers Chat – Airbnb also offers a slack group for talking with Airbnb superhost.

travelers chat

Connect with Apps

Tindr – Even if you aren’t looking to date at all you can find other travelers on the app. Put in your profile description that you are just looking to make friends. This is a hit or miss kind of strategy but you can meet interesting people this way.

BackPackr – Connect with other backpackers

Backpackr The Social App for Backpackers Find a Travel Buddy

Tripr App – Find Like minded travellers on your journey

Party with a Local – Discover new friends and people who are up for partying tonight.

Travel Social Networks

Here is a list from mashable for forums and online travel communities –


Lonely Planet Travel Buddy – Lonely Planet offers a forum to post your itinerary and find travel companions.

Travel buddies

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